TESTIMONIALS by nu glo skin customers

Hi Rona!!!!

Just got back from vacation and LOVING my treatment.  You were right.Thank you for talking to me about it.  I feel like a different person.That doctor was neat too.  I enjoyed the entire experience!

I hope to see you soon.  You are wonderful!



I want THANK YOU for an amazing n relaxing bday facial.. Thank you for making me have a moment to let my worries float away.. xoxo


"EXCELLENT!" ~ from OneOfNYC.com

"nu glo skin is great...my wife Alana love it!" ~ Ed Sikorski


"Thank you Rona for the amazing facial today , I feel like my face can breathe again!!!!! What a way to end the day :) Thank you again so so much!!!" ~ Kim Guida

"The Tweezer: A Weapon for Self Destruction!
Thank you Rona Hummel for correcting my life long addiction w/Permanent Make-up at NU GLO SKIN. You did an Amazing job!!!!! xoxo ♥
" ~ Carolyn L. Laur


"Rona, I have to let you know that I ABSOLUTELY love my "New" eyebrows and top and bottom eyeliner. What a pleasure it is to get up every morning and have my eye makeup in place. I never wore eye liner until I got it from you! and WHAT A GREAT JOB!!!! Thank you so much!!!"  ~ Debbi Shapiro

"cant wait to get a facial by nu glo skin " ~ Donna Handler of NEXT in Oceanside