Featured in Newsday 4x in 5 years for our innovative and unique treatments, including one of the Cournty's FIRST spa creating a specialized spa menu specific to men without it being "scary" for those who have never had a facial and fear the unknown. Funny enough, facials include EVERYTHING men love - including hot towels throughout, steam, massage, and more!for our Men's Whiskey Scour Facial, that's only one of several men's masculine treatments we offer! Men's treatments are a specialty at nu glo medi-spa inside TOP Plastic Surgeon Dr. Zachary E Gerut’s Aesthetic Center.  nu glo was designed with highly discriminating New Yorker's in mind. This clean, hidden sanctuary is located off Broadway in Hewlett NY. Once you step inside, you’ll feel like you were transported to a celestial oasis.




Whatever your needs may be... skincare, hair removal (laser or our organic hair removal system by nufree), facial hair tinting, brow maintenance, massages, fat loss and/or skin tightening, Britesmile teeth whitening, organic spray tanning, BRO-TOX & more, we do it ALL... and we are at the TOP of our game. Give us a shot...If you've never been to the spa before, take 30% off your first regularly priced treatment on any treatment on the website! MUST MENTION THIS OFFER WHEN MAKING YOUR APPOINTMENT!  


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**not valid towards botox/fillers and/or products. May not be combined with any other offers or specials**


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Spiced Pumpkin Ale Facial (seasonal)
75 mins - $150


This treatment begins with a frosty mug of Spiced Pumpkin Ale to set the tone for this Spiced Pumpkin Ale Facial! Our trained Esthetician will cleanse & exfoliate the skin with a specially formulated pumpkin sugar scrub. Pumpkin has natural enzymes in it that help sloth of dead skin cells, leaving the skin smoother and softer! We will steam the skin while massaging the back, neck & shoulders, to open up the pores to remove any/all whiteheads, blackheads, bacteria, etc. Following extractions, you will enjoy a facial massage, targeting pressure points to relieve stress, and bring you to a place of total relaxation. We end this treatment with a pumpkin/anti-aging/anti-bacterial mask good for ALL skin types! Enjoy 30 minutes of massage throughout this facial!

The Whiskey Scour
75 mins - $150

A deep cleanse, exfoliation, hot steam to open up the pores while you enjoy massage on neck/back/shoulders. Removal of any/all bacteria. Hot towels throughout & over 30 minutes worth of massage throughout the treatment, including neck/shoulders, arms/hands, facial & scalp massage. The result: a bright, clear and hydrated complexion!  You will love your GLO - and you’ll feel the most relaxed you’ve felt in a long while.

Jack Daniels Deep Cleansing Facial
75 mins - $150


This treatment begins with a few fingers of bourbon, or a frosty glass of ale to calm you.  Our Estheticians will calm your nerves with enticing aromatherapy with scents that will bring you pure happiness and calm.  We combine a serum of hops and bourbon, we will steam your skin while we massage your neck and shoulders, followed by extractions to rid the skin of any whiteheads and/or blackheads, leaving you as clean as a whistle!  We will give you a facial massage to ease any tension you have built up over your busy work week, massaging the temples and face, leaving you in a heavenly place.  We end the treatment with a mask made of honey, bourbon, hops and sugar, to leave your skin bright, clear, and nothing less than perfect!

The Gentleman's Facial
75 mins - $130


A deep cleansing and nourishing facial designed specifically for the special skin care needs of men. Re-balances and purifies the skin, removes all impurities, soothes the skin, soothes razor burn, as it refines pores. Includes facial massage, neck and shoulder massage, and hand massage.  *(Please shave 2-4 hours before treatment.)


The HOPPY Ending
75 mins - $150

If you like Hopps, you'll LOVE this treatment!  We will start you off with a nice rocks glass of bourbon or a frosty beer to relax and calm any nerves you may have.  This treatment begins with aromatherapy to relax you and get you into  "The Zone."  We will cleanse the skin thoroughly, put you under steam, and massage the neck & shoulders, while we open up the pores using professional product to help bring out any impurities you may have.  We will extract any whiteheads/blackheads, and leave you free and clear of any bacteria that may be sitting underneath the skin.  Following extractions is a facial massage using a mix of Squalane, Prickly Pear Extract, and of course...HOPPS!  You will then be treated to a delicious homemade mask consisting of honey, prickly pear, hopps, and other delicious ingredients that will continue to keep you in a "zen zone," while we massage your arms and hands.  The result is a bright, clear complexion, free of any impurities!  You will most definitely have your GLO!

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment - $150

60-75 mins depending on length of extractions


Our Customized Facial for the back to help clear clogged pores, inflammation,
and “back-ne.” A deep cleanse and tone is followed by professional exfoliation (using either a light enzyme or gentle scrub) to polish away impurities. Next, steam is applied before manual extractions, which are followed by calming serums and a skin-specific corrective masque. Finally, results-enhancing serums are applied before moisturizer. Enjoy massage throughout this Back Treatment.  The result, a clear, relaxed, clean bacteria-free back! 

The Stress Relieving Back Treatment

$150 - 75 mins

This treatment is ideal for anyone who experiences muscular neck and shoulder tension.  Alleviates aches, calms the nerves, and balances stress levels.  This treatment also unlocks trapped fluids and toxins that cause pain while relieving stress.  Stimulates lymphatic flow which eliminates these stored wastes from the body through the kidney and bladder​.  **This treatment is targeted to those who experience chronic neck and shoulder tension and high stress levels.


These are only SOME of the treatments available to our guys!


Check out some of the other treatments that we do that you are sure to have interest in as well! Men who take care of themselves are sexy ~ says 9.5 out of 10 women surveyed.

britesmile teeth whitening - cavi-lipo with skin tightening - laser hair removal - removal of broken capillaries - spider vein removal - body treatments - massage - organic/anti-aging spray tan by Belloccio

Try something - you might actually like it! :)